Book Claims Fauci Laughed at Americans Who Took off Masks at Restaurant Tables

Dr. Anthony Fauci privately made fun of Americans who took his advice to wear goggles to protect from COVID-19 and those who wore a mask into a restaurant and then took then off when they got to the table, per a new book.

Former White House official Brian Morgenstern makes the accusation in his upcoming book “Vignettes & Vino.” The excerpt from the book was first published by the New York Post.

“[I]n January 2020, [Fauci] said the virus was nothing to worry about for the American people. Then in the months that followed, he said that people should not wear masks and that they were ineffective. By June or July, he had changed his tune and said everyone should be very concerned and that they should wear multiple masks — and goggles,” Morgenstern wrote.

“I vividly recall my blood boiling during an infuriating meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when Fauci laughed about his own goggles comment, making it clear how cynical he was and that he could get people to believe anything.”