Gallup: 52% Say No Apology Needed for Slavery, but 62% Want Government to Address Slavery's Effects on Blacks

A new survey shows that 52% of U.S. adults do not believe the federal government should apologize for slavery in America, but 62% think the government should take action to reduce the effects of slavery on black Americans today.

In its Center on Black Voices survey, Gallup interviewed more than 13,000 U.S. adults, including large numbers of Hispanics (3,399), blacks (3,994), and whites (5,807).

Gallup asked, “In general, how much do you think the history of slavery in America impacts Black/African American people in the United States today?”

In response, 17% said “not at all” and 16% said “not much.”  However, 27% said slavery’s history has “some” impact and 40% said “a lot” of impact.

Among black adults, 63% said it has “a lot” of impact and 50% of Hispanics said the same. Only 32% of whites said slavery’s history has “a lot” of impact on blacks today.