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'Recession or Not' Argument Is a Distraction: Our Economy Is Worse Than Almost All Major Countries

Joe Biden almost certainly saw this coming. The president spent the last week before the Bureau of Economic Analysis report, which showed another quarter of negative growth, prepping the nation for the bad news: We met the “technical” definition of a recession.

Biden basically said, “Definition? Schmefinition! I’ll make up my own. That’ll get those crazy right-wingers frothing at the mouth in no time.”

This, Biden proceeded to do with gleeful intent. The entire pundit class went to war over the arcane definition of an economic term. Meanwhile, the nation was distracted from the reality of what the 0.9% negative growth in the second quarter meant in comparison to other major economies.

Newsweek reports that the “United States saw worse economic growth than seven other major economies in the second quarter of 2022.” Only China with its COVID-19 lockdowns performed worse. Even Mexico’s economy outperformed the U.S. economy.