From Washington Examiner

Liz Cheney Unpopularity Grows, Called ‘An Embarrassment’ by Wyoming Voters

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has an uphill battle for reelection in Wyoming as her work on the Jan. 6 committee has left many voters feeling sour about her.

As voters walked the grounds of Wyoming’s Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo festival in the state’s capital, CNN set out to ask them how they felt about sending Cheney back to Washington for a fourth term.

“I think she’s had three too many,” one Wyoming voter said.

“Can I cuss? Hell no,” said Wyoming resident Sharon Tuggle bluntly before noting Cheney’s work on the Jan. 6 committee. “She’s done us dirty.”

In 2020, former President Donald Trump won around 70% of the vote in Wyoming. He remains popular in the state.