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U.S. Total National Debt


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Glenn Greenwald Excoriates the Left: ‘Democratic Politics Is about Criminalizing Opposition’
25 FBI Agents with Guns Drawn Raid Home of Pro-Life Activist in Front of His Children
Gas Prices Rise for Fifth Straight Day to $3.417 Per Gallon
Trump’s 2020 Prediction about Biden Comes True: ‘If He’s Elected, the Stock Market Will Crash’
Zelenskyy on Putin's Threat of Nuclear Weapons: 'I Don't Think He's Bluffing'
FBI Whistleblower: ‘Nobody I Know Signed Up’ to Investigate Parents Who Vent at Schoolboard Meetings
'That's Absurd': Former Pence Chief of Staff Bashes Trump Declassification Claim
Trump-Linked Digital World Acquisition Shares Now around $16 after Hitting $97 Earlier in Year
‘This Is Different’: Alan Dershowitz Explains Why FBI’s Treatment of Mike Lindell Is so Scary
Befuddled Biden Baffles with Bizarre Statement During Union Speech: 'She Was 12 and I Was 30'
Cognitively Challenged John Fetterman Continues to Withhold Medical Records
What Republicans Plan to Do if They Capture House in Midterms
Mortgage Rates Jump to 14-Year High as Fed Delivers Jumbo Rate Hike
McCarthy Unveils New ‘Commitment to America’ Agenda GOP Will Pursue if It Retakes House
Trump Advisers Launch MAGA Inc Super PAC to Spend Millions Backing Trump-Endorsed Candidates in Midterms
Mariel Boatlift, Part II: Venezuela Empties Prisons, Sends Criminals to US Border
Trump Celebrates Rise of Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán as Superstar of U.S. Right: 'So Great!'
Russians Flee Military Draft, Race to Borders to Escape Fighting in Ukraine
US Drops Charges against Judge Who Allegedly Helped Illegal Immigrant Avoid Capture
Biden Calls on Americans to ‘Fight Back against Extreme MAGA-Republicans’ Just Days after Killing of MAGA Teen
Stacey Abrams Claims ‘There Is No Such Thing as a Heartbeat at Six Weeks; It Is a Manufactured Sound’ to Dupe People
House Passes Bill Changing Rules for Confirming Electoral Vote Count
Media Mogul’s $10 Billion Discrimination Suit against McDonald’s Gets Greenlight from US Court
Uyghurs Condemn 'Weak' Biden UN Speech for Failing to Mention China's Genocide
FBI Hero Paying Price for Exposing Unjust Persecution of Conservative Americans
Appeals Court Rules DOJ Can Regain Access to Trump Raid Docs
Far-Left Killer Who Admitted to Running down Republican Teenager Over Politics Freed from Jail
Trump Says He Could Declassify Documents ‘By Thinking about It’
Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates by 75 Basis Points for Third Straight Month
New Docs and Whistleblowers Reveal Joe Biden Was Deeply Involved with Selling U.S. Natural Gas to Chicoms
New York AG Letitia James Announces Lawsuit of Donald Trump and Family Members Over Fraud Claims
Book Claims Fauci Laughed at Americans Who Took off Masks at Restaurant Tables
Hill Republicans Split Over ‘Clean Cr’ Issue as Democrats Move to Hike Spending in Lame Duck Session
Trump Lawyers Acknowledge He Could Face Criminal Charges in Probe Over Government Documents
GOP Attorneys General Demand Credit Card Companies Reverse New Gun Purchase Code
Italian Review of Extreme Weather Says No Evidence of Climate Crisis in Current Data
Georgia Poll: Walker Narrowly Beating Warnock; Kemp Widens Lead Over Abrams
MTG Moves to Impeach Biden for Draining US Oil Reserves, Selling to Enemies of U.S.
Whistleblower Says FBI Moving Agents off Child Sex Abuse Cases to Investigate ‘Domestic Violent Extremism’
Only 1.5% of Eligible Americans Have Gotten New COVID Booster
Gun Owners of America Re-Files Lawsuit against New York Concealed-Carry Law
Worse Is Yet to Come: Bank of America Expects Unemployment to Soar to 5.6% Next Year
Bold Message to Republicans: While Biden Gets Demonic with MAGA America, GOP MIA
Costco Makes Decision about $1.50 Hot Dog-and-Soda Combo as Inflation Soars
McCarthy Says GOP House Would Repeal Funding for 87,000 New IRS Agents in Inflation Reduction Act
Listen Up, Republican Pansies: Mark Levin Says Dems Won’t Stop Abusing Power to Target Trump Until GOP Prosecutors Target Democrats like Bidens, Pelosis
Small Business Confidence Drops Most Since Start of Pandemic
Massive Victory for Free Speech: Fed Court Upholds Texas Law Prohibiting Big Tech Censorship
Former EcoHealth Alliance VP Says Fauci-Funded Group Developed COVID
Fake News Media Lays Groundwork for Democrat Vote Steal in Midterm Elections
Border Encounters with Illegal Immigrants Exceed 2 Million in Single Year for First Time
Long Era Comes to an End: Thousands Fill London Streets to Pay Final Respects to Queen
Two More Texas Counties Declare Immigration Crisis an ‘Invasion,’ Bringing Total to 29
Vivek Ramaswamy: Fortify America by Abandoning ‘Victimhood Narratives’ and Embracing Excellence
Semi-Fascists? 82 Democrats Who Called GOP Election Wins Questionable, Illegitimate, or Stolen
Liberal Latina Lawmaker: 'If the Democratic Party Thinks That Latinos Are Outraged by DeSantis, They Are Dead Wrong'
Biden Comes Clean, Admits He Lied about Being Arrested Trying to Meet Nelson Mandela
Trump's Surprise Breakthrough with Hispanic Voters Could Spell Doom for Democrats
Fedex CEO Warns 'Numbers Don't Portend Very Well' - 'We're Going into a Worldwide Recession'
Newsom Views Tucker Carlson and 'Bully' Ron DeSantis as Greater Threats Than Donald Trump
Great News: Liz Cheney Says She'll Leave GOP if Donald Trump Is 2024 Nominee
Videos Show Audience Booing Nancy Pelosi at NYC Music Festival
Tropical Storm Ian Strengthens as It Heads to Cuba, Florida
Hillary Clinton Compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and MAGA Supporters to Nazis
Seven Minutes of Dems at All Levels Calling to Defund Police
Simple White House Midterm Plan: Deny Reality!
Abbott Designates Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organizations
Finland Closes Borders with Russia as Conscription-Age Men Flee Putin Order
Billionaire Bunkers: How the World’s Wealthiest Are Paying to Escape Reality
Crowds Go Wild for ‘Italy First’ Mother ‘Destined’ to Become Country’s First Female Prime Minister
Sen. Ron Johnson Demands Answers from Twitter CEO about How COVID Facts Were Determined to Be ‘Misinformation’
Build Back Better Delivers: Dow Tumbles Below 30,000 as Lingering Inflation Scares off Investors
Democrats and Impeachment Republicans Pass Liz Cheney Bill That Enchances Dem Election Cheating
Pregnancy Center Attacked Again as Anti-MAGA Biden Does Nothing to Hold Violent Leftists Accountable
Prosecutors Recommend against Charging Matt Gaetz with Sex-Trafficking
Poll: Majority of Democrats Believe Sanctuary Cities Should Share Burden of Illegal Immigration
Zuckerberg Hit with Legal Complaints Over Alleged Attempt to Influence 2020 Election
Former Top Aid Navarro Says Trump 2020 Campaign Wasn’t Tough Enough on Communist China
Hurricane Fiona Heads to Bermuda, Up to 8 Dead in Puerto Rico
Tesla Recalls Million-Plus Vehicles for Automatic Windows That Could Pinch a Finger when Closing
Freedom Caucus yet to Back RINO McCarthy as Next House Republican Speaker
Trump Blasts Democrat Litigation Barrage as NY Sues Him: 'What Does Letitia James Know?'
More Laughs for China: Air Force Academy Issues Training on Unacceptable Gender Words like ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’
'Political Hit Job': Bill Barr Blasts Letitia James, Predicts Trump Suit Will Backfire
Aaron Judge Hits 60th Homer, within One of Roger Maris' AL Record
JPMorgan CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon: Americans Are Being ‘Crushed’ by Inflation
US Home Sales Decline for Seventh Straight Month
‘She Isn’t Qualified’: Ric Grenell Accuses ‘Inept’ Jean-Pierre of Being ‘Identity Politics’ Hire
Michelle Malkin: 'It's Both Parties - They're All Open-Borders Hypocrites'
NBA Star Kyrie Irving Declares Vaccine Mandates ‘One of the Biggest Violations of Human Rights in History’
Whistleblower: FBI Deliberately Miscategorizing J6 Cases to Boost ‘Domestic Extremism’ Claims
Plane DeSantis Used to Transport Illegal Migrants Heading Near Biden’s Home
Amazon Says 'Thursday Night Football' Drew Record Number of Prime Signups for 3-Hour Period
Sen. John Kennedy Says 'We Already Had a Plan to Repay Student Debt; It's Called a Job'
Jonathan Turley: If It's Illegal to Move Migrants, Biden Is 'Biggest Coyote in History'
Source Says Gavin Newsom Has Vowed to Run for President Under Likely Condition Biden Does Not
Trump Said to Be Mad DeSantis Allegedly Stole His Idea of Sending Migrants to Blue States
Biden Says US Will Defend Taiwan from China, White House Immediately Walks It Back
Relentless Dems: Attorneys for 30 Migrants Flown to Martha's Vineyard Call for Criminal Investigation