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McCarthy Lawyer Signals Leader Will Not Comply with Subpoena from Sham Jan. 6 Committee
Putin Spokesman: 'Moscow Expects Kyiv to Accept Moscow's Demands and Become Aware of the de Facto Situation'
Texas School Shooter's Father Says Son 'Should Have Just Killed Me' Instead
New Super PAC Launched to Help Conservative Senate Candidates in Key Battleground States Ahead of Midterms
Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Washington State Vandalized by Pro-Abortion Radicals; Sixth Incident in Less Than a Week
Mother Trying to Save Children at Uvalde Handcuffed by Federal Marshals
Predictable: Dems Weaponize Texas School Shooting to Attack Pro-Lifers, Republicans on Abortion
Schumer on Abbott Following School Shooting: 'What an Absolute Fraud the Governor of Texas Is'
MSNBC Primetime Slot Mired in Ratings Slump Since Rachel Maddow Show Shifted to Once a Week Format
Woke San Francisco School District to Drop Word 'Chief' from Job Titles Because of 'The Word's Connotation with Native Americans'
Embattled Hillary Campaign Lawyer Says He Will Not Testify in Own Defense in Trial for Allegedly Lying to FBI
Sen. Scott Blasts Executive Order on Police Reform, Says Biden Has 'Again Fallen into the Trap of Divisive Politics'
Texas Elementary School Shooter Reportedly Barricaded Himself Inside Classroom as Police Waited Outside for 40 Minutes
Declining Enrollment Continues as More and More People Question Value of College Education
'Sick Son of a Bitch' Beto O'Rourke Crashes Gov. Abbott Press Conference to Confront Him Over School Massacre
Taxpayer's Hard Earned Money That Was Supposed to Be Part of Biden's COVID Relief Bill Went to Funding Woke Programs
Pfizer CEO on Monkeypox Outbreak: 'With Everything I Know, I Wouldn’t Worry Much'
Mother of Texas Elementary School Shooter: 'My Son Wasn't a Violent Person; I'm Surprised by What He Did'
Texas Elementary School Gunman Told Children 'You’re Going to Die' in Horrific Final Moments
Vaccines, Antivirals Available to Combat Monkeypox
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Handily Fends off Slew of Republican Primary Challengers to Remain GOP Congressional Nominee
Portland Multimillionaire Pours Nearly $2 Million into Local Political Campaigns in Pursuit of Legalizing Oregon Commercial Sex Industry
Ukraine Defense Intelligence Chief: 'Not Worth Hoping That Putin Will Die Tomorrow; He Has at Least a Few More Years'
Kamala, America's Premier Orator, Treats Crowd to Her Latest Incomprehensible Gibberish
FBI Recorded 61 'Active Shooter' Incidents in 2021, Highest Tally in More Than Two Decades
Jake Tapper Staffers Irritated after Host Anchored Show Following China Virus Diagnosis
President Zelenskyy Warns Ukrainians: 'The Coming Weeks of the War Will Be Difficult, and We Must Be Aware of That'
Former WHO Emergencies Department Head Claims Sexual Transmission at Europe Festivals May Have Sparked Escalating Monkeypox Outbreak
Pence on Possibility of Running against Trump in 2024 GOP Presidential Primary: 'We'll Go Where We’re Called'
A Brief History of American Football
Draft of 2021 NSBA Letter to Biden Admin Asked That Army National Guard, Military Police Be Deployed to Some School Districts
Senate Republicans Appear United in Opposition to Recently Passed 'Domestic Terrorism' Bill
Unhinged Whoopi Lectures San Francisco Archbishop Over Pelosi Communion Denial: 'That Is Not Up to You to Make That Decision'
Johnny Depp to Be Called to Testify for Third Time in Defamation Trial against Lunatic Amber Heard
Infamous Wuhan Lab Recently Assembled Monkeypox Strains Using Methods Flagged for Creating 'Contagious Pathogens'
CDC Recommending All Domestic Travelers Undergo COVID Testing Before and after They Travel, Regardless of Vaccination Status
BioNTech CEO: Vaccine 'Provides Young Children with a High Level of Protection against the Recent COVID-19 Strains'
'Final and Non-Negotiable': Taliban Rulers Begin Enforcing Order Requiring All Female TV News Anchors to Cover Their Faces While On Air
Benches Clear after Yankees Third Baseman Accused of Making ‘Racist Comment’ to Chicago White Sox Shortstop
Supreme Court Could Rule on Roe v. Wade as Early as Monday as Biden Admin Braces for Violence after Decision
Biden Reflects on John McCain Deathbed Moment: 'Two Guys Who Think They’re Hard-Assed Guys Looked at One Another and Said, I Love You'
Swamp Creature Mitch McConnell Asks Texas GOP Sen. Cornyn to Lead Bipartisan Effort on Legislation in Response to School Shooting
RINO Gov. Abbott Cancels Planned NRA Convention Appearance in Wake of Texas Elementary School Shooting
Gas Prices Reach Nationwide Average of $4.60 Per Gallon as Upward Trend of Record-Setting Prices Continues
Jason Whitlock on George Floyd: 'Obama and the Other BLM Grifters Prefer Him Dead so You Can Use Him for Political Power'
Another Mistake? Trump and Allies Looking at NY Rep. Elise Stefanik as Potential Running Mate for Potential 2024 Re-Election Bid
DOE Announces It Will Withhold Federal Lunch Funds from Public School Systems That Do Not Allow Students to Use Restrooms Designated for Other Gender
Republican Primary Race for Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Seat Officially Headed for Recount
Candace Owens: Calling Me 'Transphobic' Isn't 'Going to Prevent Me from Protecting My Children from Harmful Societal Lies'
18-Year-Old Gunman Kills 19 Children, 2 Teachers at Texas Elementary School
Florida Man Accused of Fabricating Own Pardon from President Trump While Under Investigation for Fraud
Comedy Central: Pelosi Says 'In Terms of Inflation, so Much Is Being Done by This President, We Have to Make Sure That Public Sentiment Understands That'
Washington Post Essay Suggests Black Americans Who Have Grown 'Tired' of America's Hostility against Them Should Consider Relocating to Ghana
Illegal Border Crossings Soar Despite Federal Judge Order That Biden Admin Maintain Pandemic Rule Title 42
Gruesome: Ukrainian Authorities Say They Have Discovered about 200 Bodies Beneath Debris of Apartment Building in Mariupol
Trump Releases New Ad Targeting Hillary Following Bombshell Testimony from Her Former Campaign Manager
Zelensky, Putin, Biden, DeSantis Named to Time's List of 100 Most Influential People of 2022
Biden on U.S. Getting Involved Militarily to Defend Taiwan if China Invades: 'Yes ... That's the Commitment We Made'
GOP Sen. Marshall on Southern Border: 'This Is an Unsustainable Crisis; It’s a War Zone Every Night'
Poll: Nearly 70% of Republicans Say They Want Biden Impeached if GOP Retakes Congress in Midterms
Johnny Depp Attorney Delivers Closing Arguments, Calls Amber Heard 'Deeply Troubled Person' Who Is 'Desperate for Attention and Approval'
Projection: Joy Reid Says GOP 'Doesn't Actually Stand for Much Except Banning Books, Turning Women into State-Mandated Incubators'
Stephen A. Smith Says Trump Vowed to Run for President if Buffalo Bills Screwed Him Over in Ownership Bid
Chinese Medical Company Manufactured, Distributed Tens of Thousands of Defective COVID Tests to U.S. That Showed False-Positive Results
Radical-Left Group Laying Plans to Blockade SCOTUS in Response to Leaked Opinion That Overturns Roe v. Wade
Michigan Gov. Whitmer Announces Executive Order to Help Women Abort Babies Illegally without Consequences for the Abortionist
Senate Republicans Filibuster House-Passed Legislation Designed to Combat 'Domestic Terrorism'
Twitter Investors Sue Musk: Suit Alleges His Plan Was to 'Drive Twitter’s Stock down Substantially in Order to Create Leverage'
GOP Congress Members Object to Subpoenas from Farcical Jan. 6 Committee
Anti-Cop, Anthem Kneeling Kaepernick Works out for Raiders, Attempts Comeback after Five Years Away from NFL
Report Shows Vaccination Does Not Appear to Provide Nearly the Amount of Protection against 'Long COVID' as Was Previously Claimed
Cruz to 'Propagandist' Journalist: 'I'm Sorry You Think American Exceptionalism Is Awful. You’ve Got Your Political Agenda. God Love You.'
Marco Rubio Hammers NBA for 'Politicizing' Texas School Massacre While Remaining Silent on China
Schumer Backs off Background-Check Vote, Says Americans Should Focus on Gun Control in Midterms
FBI Collected Personal Information on More Than 3 Million Americans without Obtaining Warrants
57 Percent of American Families Changing Their Summer Plans Because of Bidenflation
FDA Commissioner Gives Scathing Review of 'Egregiously Unsanitary' Conditions at Abbott Baby Formula Plant During Sworn Testimony
Report Shows Up to 50,000 Migrants Waiting in Mexico to Cross U.S. Border Days after Title 42 Ruling
Former WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Easily Defeats Former Talk Radio Host in GOP Primary for Arkansas Governor
Divider-in-Chief Biden Warns Republicans: 'For Those Who Obstruct or Delay or Block the Commonsense Gun Laws, We Need to Let You Know That We Will Not Forget'
Far-Left NBA Coach Steve Kerr Loses Temper, Demands Background Checks for Guns in Wake of Texas School Shooting
Worst-Kept Secret: 'Circle Back' Jenny Officially Joins MSNBC; Streaming Show to Launch in 2023
New Shake-Up in Biden Communications Department Causing Turmoil in White House
As Counting Deadline Nears, Dr. Oz Holds Nearly 1,000 Vote Lead in Pennsylvania Senate Primary
Neuroscientist Confirms Unborn Babies Are Human Beings, Heart Starts Beating about 22 Days after Fertilization
Report Shows U.S. Adults Say Inflation Is Greatest Obstacle to Reaching Financial Security in Retirement
Biden on Gas Prices: 'We’re Going through an Incredible Transition That Is Taking Place That God Willing when It’s Over We’ll Be Stronger'
Belarus President Lukashenko Warns West of Coming World War III, Urges Nations to 'Refrain from Arms Supplies'
List of Far-Left Journalists' Vile Attacks on Conservatives in Wake of Buffalo Shooting
Dumb-as-a Rock Hakeem Jeffries Says 'Biden Has Done a Very Good Job Under Incredibly Difficult Circumstances'
World's 50 Richest People Have Lost Combined $563 Billion in Net Worth so Far in 2022
'His Handlers Are Petrified': Basement Biden Has Officially Gone Over 100 Days without Doing Any Mainstream Media Interviews
Why ESPN Is Going down the Tubes
Ukrainian Court Sentences Russian Soldier to Life in Prison for Killing Civilian, First Conviction for War Crimes Since Moscow Invasion
Latest Rumor: Putin Recently Underwent 'Successful' Cancer Surgery, Now Recovering
Under Biden, U.S. Households Have Seen about $20 Trillion in Net Worth Disappear
Early Predictions on Who Looks Set to Lift the Lombardi Trophy in 2023
Frantically Thrashing About: White House Defends Formula Plant Shutdown as It Targets Supplies for Areas with ‘Acute’ Needs
Oracle’s Larry Ellison Joined Nov. 2020 Call about Contesting Trump’s Loss
Silly Section: Radical-Left NYC Mayor Considers 2024 Presidential Bid Because Democrats Have 'Gotten Too Far to the Left'