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Here We Go Again: Biden Admin Says It May Not Be Able to Evacuate Americans from Ukraine If Russia Invades
As New COVID Variants Emerge, Survey Shows Small Business Owners Would Support Ongoing Federal Relief to Help Small Businesses
Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Wins Initial Effort to Appeal U.K. Ruling That Opened Door for U.S. Extradition
In Wake of NYPD Shootings, Mayor Eric Adams Set to Announce Plan Aimed at Curbing Gun Violence
End of an Era: Judge Jeanine Pirro Thanks Viewers in Final Show
Pfizer CEO Pushes Annual COVID-19 Vaccine Shot as Company Makes Billions: 'Easier to Convince People to Do It'
South Dakota Governor Announces 2 Pro-Life Bills That Would Ban Almost All Abortions
No Thanks, Joe: Biden Viewed as 'Liability' after He Pledges to Campaign for Democrats in Midterm Elections
White House Says Russia's Purported Plan to Install Pro-Kremlin Leadership in Ukraine 'Deeply Concerning'
Biden Exacerbates Supply-Chain Carnage by Banning Unvaxed Truckers from US
Fox News Poll: Six in Ten Voters Would Not Back Biden for Second Term
Poll: Trump Crushes Hillary by Double Digits in Potential 2024 Rematch  
Biden Languishing in Crucial Swing State of Pennsylvania with 36% Approval
Alleged Gunman Who Killed Two NYPD Officers in Harlem Ambush Was out on Probation
Ukrainian President Rebukes Biden Over Remarks on Russian Invasion: ‘There Are No Minor Incursions’
Biden's International Approval Hangs in Balance 1 Year into Office; Experts Warn 'Adversaries' Watching
Arizona Democrat Party Executive Board Censures Sinema Over Filibuster, Voting Legislation Dispute
71 Percent of Americans Want More Restrictions on Abortion, Not Fewer
Bill Maher Says We Have to Ease Restrictions and Learn to Live with COVID-19
Biden Celebrates Roe vs. Wade Decision That Has Killed 63 Million Babies in Abortions
Bill Maher Says He's Never Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Booster: 'What the F*[**] Is the Use of a Booster Shot?'
NFL Ends Daily COVID-19 Testing for All Players
More Damage Control: Psaki Scambles, Walks Back Biden Russian Invasion Gaffe
'Media Narratives Cannot Get in the Way of Their Friendship': DeSantis Press Secretary Debunks Rumors of Infighting with Trump
'People Know That They’re Full of S***': Joe Rogan Unloads on CNN, Says Their Coverage Has Become 'Preposterous'
Trafalgar Group Poll Reveals Majority of Independents Believe Fauci Should Resign
Sen. Paul Criticizes Biden's Senile Behavior: 'So I Think That It’s a Mistake for Him to Be out in Front. It’s Dangerous to the Country'
Number of Children Hospitalized with COVID Hit Pandemic Highs During Omicron Variant Surge
'We Fought the Good Fight': Schumer Says Dems Have No Regrets Over Filibuster Effort, Loss Could Help Them in Midterms
Austrian Parliament Overwhelmingly Votes to Make Vaccination against COVID Mandatory for All Residents Over Age 18
Decaying Cantaloupe Biden Snaps at Fox News Reporter: 'What a Stupid Question'
Federal Reserve Releases Long-Awaited Study of Digital Dollar, Exploring Pros and Cons of Much-Debated Issue
'Biggest Seismic Shift' in Decades: Afghanistan Replaces North Korea as Most Repressive, Hostile Country Targeting Followers of Jesus
Rep. Chip Roy Levels WV Sports Legends for Signing Letter Supporting Dems Voting Rights Legislation
Biden Admin Overseeing Historic Backlog of 1.6 Million Immigration Court Cases as Illegal Crossings at Southern Border Reach Record Highs
Family of Fallen U.S. Marine Suing Alec Baldwin for Allegedly Falsely Saying Marine’s Sister Took Part in Jan. 6 Capitol Storming
Initial Jobless Claim Filings Total 286,000, Well Above Dow Jones Estimate of 225,000
Trump Fumes Over Unfair Treatment of Kids: They Won’t Go after Biden’s Son but They’ll Go after My Children
Grumpy Biden Defends His Record in Embarrassing Presser, Says He 'Didn’t Overpromise' but Instead 'Outperformed'
Egomaniac Fauci’s Home Office Features Life-Size Portrait of Himself, His Own Bobblehead
Same Old GOP: Republicans Losing Redistricting Battle to Aggressive Democrats
Taiwan Intercepts Massive Swarm of Chinese Military Aircraft as ‘Weak’ Biden Tested around World
Tens of Thousands of Pro-Life Advocates Gather in D.C. for 2022 March for Life, Declare Support Unborn
Teddy Roosevelt Monument Removed from Museum of Natural History
President Trump Debunks Conflict Claims between Him and Gov. DeSantis: 'I Have a Very Good Relationship with Ron and Intend to Have It for a Long Time'
Tulane University Microbiologist Says 'Cloth and Surgical Masks Do Absolutely Nothing for Protection from Ambient Virus'
NFL Playoffs Roll on: a Look Ahead at Divisional Round
Andrew Yang Says He Believes 2024 Presidential Election Will Be Matchup between Trump and 'The Field'
North Korea Threatens to Prepare for Long-Term Fight with U.S., Restart Nuclear Testing It Paused During Peace Talks with Trump Admin
Former WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Lambasts Long-Awaited Biden Press Conference as 'The Most Delusional' She Has Ever Seen
Senate Dems Fail in Bid to Abolish Filibuster
Lots of Luck: Tom Hanks to Narrate Video Celebrating Biden's First Year, Assert How Well America Is Doing
After a Year from Hell, Sliden Biden Continues Suffering Record-Low Approval Ratings
Schumer to Hold Vote to Change Senate Rules to Allow for 'Talking Filibuster' on Two Election Overhaul Bills
Embattled PM Boris Johnson Announces England Ending Mandatory Masking, Vaccine Passport System
Feds: No New Border Wall Construction as Government Returns Some Land to Owners
WHO Officials Say Worst of COVID Pandemic Could Be Over This Year If Issues with Vaccine Distribution, Treatments Are Addressed Quickly
More Desperation: White House Plans Joe Biden Communications Reboot as Polls Collapse
Beijing Officials Urge for End to Deliveries from Overseas, Say Omicron Variant Can Spread by Opening Packages That Originate in Other Countries
Gallup Poll Shows More Americans Identified as Republicans Than Democrats at End of 2021, Giving GOP Largest Advantage in More Than 25 Years
Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Accuses U.S. of 'Excessive Caution' for Ordering Embassy Staff Family Members to Leave Country
Authorities Scrambling to Contain Omicron Outbreaks Ahead of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
Rams Avoid Epic Collapse, Chiefs Beat Bills in All-Time Classic to Set Conference Championship Matchups
Biden Administration Drops Charges for Dozens of Antifa Rioters Who Laid Waste to Portland
Straw Poll Shows Trump-Backed Harriet Hageman Has Commanding Lead Over Dem-Loving Liz Cheney
Kyrsten Sinema Refuses to Back down after Arizona Dem Party Takes Unanimous Action against Her
Bengals, 49ers Advance to NFL Conference Championship Games
Israel, One of Most Vaccinated Countries in the World, Sets New COVID-19 Case Record
Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Calls out Biden for Saying ‘It’s a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’
Florida House Committee Passes Bill Banning Gender Ideology Discussions in Schools
Whitlock: Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Disrupts "Asch" Conformity with Courageous Criticism of President Biden
Jan. 6 Committee Calls on Ivanka Trump to Voluntarily Provide Testimony
Blasphemy: New CNN Analyst Blames Media, Leftist Politicians for Crime Surge
Hundreds of People in Yemen Either Wounded or Killed after Saudi-Led Airstrikes
'The President's Authority Is Not That Broad': U.S. District Judge Blocks Unruly Joe's Federal Worker Vax Mandate
Sea Change: France, Ireland Look Set to Follow England in Easing China Virus Restrictions
Newsom Calls L.A. Area 'Third-World Country', Apologizes for Using Word 'Gangs' when Discussing 'Organized Groups of People' Looting Trains
Endlessly Offended 'Squad' Member Ilhan Omar Pounces on Leader McConnell, Accuses Him of Racism after Voting Rights Bill Remarks
NPR Runs Hit-Piece on Charity Collecting Donations for Political Prisoners Held Under Biden Regime Over Charges Related to Jan. 6
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Calls Biden Economic Policy 'Remarkable Success'
Fox News to Launch New Saturday Programs Hosted by Lawrence Jones and Brian Kilmeade
NCAA Board of Governors Adopts Policy Allowing, Encouraging Males to Participate in Women’s Sports
Target CEO Predicts Skyrocketing Prices Will Lead to Changes in Shopping, Dining Habits of Americans
Internal Revenue Service Will Soon Require Americans to Submit Biometric Data to Access Their Accounts
Woke Mars Candy Company Promises to Make M&M Candy Characters 'More Inclusive', Dump Green 'Sexy Girl'
Republican State Leadership Committee Launching New Ad Campaign Targeting Dems on Issue of Gerrymandering
Top House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican Says Chaotic Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Afghanistan Has Emboldened Putin
Biological Male Caitlyn Jenner Opposes Allowing Biological Men to Compete in Women's Sports
Heritage Foundation Launching New 'Conservative Oversight Project' Aimed at Exposing Biden Admin and Leftist Policies
In Defiance of Youngkin, Fairfax County Public School Asking Students to Participate in 'Privilege Bingo'
Supreme Court Formally Rejects Request to Block Federal Mask Mandate for Air Travel
Cashing In: Govt. Watchdog Leader Says Fauci Has 'Handsomely Profited' During COVID Pandemic
'Democrats Are Now Leaving That Party in Droves': Nevada Gubernatorial Candidate Leaves Democrat Party Behind for GOP
Report Shows Murder Rates Across U.S. Soared in 2021, Highest Since 1990s Crime Scourge
'Shouldn't Even Be Mentioned': Academy Award-Winning Actor Denzel Washington Brushes Off Hollywood's Obsession with Diversity
Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Nikki Fried Hysterically Compares Gov. DeSantis to Adolf Hitler
WHO Chief Scientist Says 'There Is No Evidence Right Now That Healthy Children or Healthy Adolescents Need Boosters'
Supreme Court to Hear Sen. Cruz Challenge to Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
Senate Dems Reportedly Believe There Is a Good Chance Biden’s DOJ Will Pursue Criminal Charges against President Trump Over January 6, 2021
Thumbs Up to China: Top NBA Investor Says He Doesn’t ‘Care about the Uyghurs’