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National Archives Issues Response to Trump Claim That Obama Took 30 Million Pages of Documents from White House
Trump FBI Raid May Come Back to Bite: Silence of Midterm-Vulnerable Democrats Speaks Volumes
Tone Deaf Hillary Sells Hats Reminding Everyone of Her 33,000 Deleted Emails
FBI Complains about Alleged Threats against Agency after Declaring War on American People
Author Salman Rushdie Attacked on Lecture Stage in New York
Former Florida AG Pam Bondi: 'Guns-Blazing' Attorney General Garland Not Getting off That Easy
Corrupt Pelosi Defends Bringing Corrupt Son with Chinese Business Ties on Taiwan Trip as 'Escort'
Elon Musk Weighs in on '87,000 New IRS Agents' with Ironic Message to Democrats
NBA to Retire Bill Russell No. 6 Jersey Across the League
Hopelessly Corrupt Merrick Garland Says He Personally Approved Trump Search Warrant
Making Daddy Proud: 98% of Democrats Back Liz Cheney, Only 15% of Republicans
Michael Flynn Has Warning to Americans after FBI Trump Raid: ‘Greatest Threat to Our Country Right Now Is Clearly Internal’
Democrat Lawmaker to Americans Criticizing Trump Raid: 'Just Shut Up Until There Are Some Facts'
Gas Riots to Make COVID Protests Look like ‘Children’s Birthday Party’
Top Fed Officials Warn Inflation Fight Just Beginning after 8.5% July Reading
Dem Boomerang: Eric Trump Says Father 'Shattering' All Fundraising Records after FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid
Arrogant FBI Director Wray Makes First Public Comments Since Raid on Trump Home
‘No Longer Muzzled’: Whole Foods Founder Issues Dire Warning about Socialism
Senior DOJ Officials Blast FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago as 'Spectacular Failure': 'The Worst of the Bureaucracy in Action'
Sen. Ron Johnson Calls for FBI, DOJ Employees to Come Forward with Info on Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid
Swamp Tentacles: FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid Based on Source Alleging Trump Had Classified Docs
Trump Pleads Fifth During NY Deposition on Business Practices
Bad News for Liz Cheney Kangaroo Court: Poll Reveals Jan. 6 Hearings Have No Impact on Pubic Opinion
Pundits Wrongly Claim Trump Raid Could Disqualify Him from Future Office
U.S. Labor Productivity Suffers Biggest Crash Ever Recorded, Labor Costs Soar Most Since 1982
Report Says 60% of Additional Tax Audits Will Target Americans Making $75,000 or Less
Judge Who Signed off on Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid Was Epstein Lawyer for Employees
Ex-NYPD Commissioner: If FBI Raid Doesn't Stop Trump, Next Move Is Assassination
Jim Jordan Unequivocal on Mar-a-Lago Raid: ‘We Deserve Answers Now’
20 Republicans Who Helped Confirm Garland Owe America an Apology
Republican Leaders Condemn FBI Raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago: 'Weaponization of Federal Agencies'
Joe Walsh: FBI Raid 'Pissed Off' Moderate GOP into Backing Trump
Always Believe Your Enemies: Schumer Warned in 2017 the FBI Would Have ‘Six Ways’ of Getting Back at Trump
‘This Is Some Third World Bullsh*t’: Dan Bongino Goes off after Deep State Mar-a-Lago Raid
Could FBI Investigation into Trump Stop 2024 Run for President?
John Travolta Sweet Tribute to Olivia Newton-John, Last Words and Photos of Beloved Icon
CNN’s Brian Stelter Does a 180 on Hunter Biden Scandal: ‘Not Just a Right-Wing Media Story,’ May Prevent Biden 2024 Run
DeSantis to Campaign for Trump-Endorsed Candidates in ‘Unite and Win’ Rally
Amnesty International Stands by Report That Ukraine Is Putting Civilians at Risk
Kevin McCarthy on GOP House Takeover: We’ll Subpoena Intel Agencies Over Hunter Biden Scandal
Midterm Campaign Ad for GOP: Democrat Promises More Taxes if Dems Stay in Power
IRS Hiring Spree Biggest Expansion of Police State in US History
House Incumbents on Track for Highest Number of Primary Losses in Decades
According to Gallup, Job Unhappiness at Staggering All-Time High
Professional Cheaters Gearing Up Again: Twitter Launches Campaign to Suppress Political Narratives It Doesn't Like, Promote Others Ahead of Midterms
Grocery Inflation Hits Highest Level in 43 Years Despite Biden Stupid 'Zero' Inflation Messaging
CDC Admits Giving False Information about COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance
Rubio: Next Step in This Playbook Is Government Harassment of Outraged Americans
Job Posting on IRS Website: IRS Hiring Agents That Must 'Carry Gun, Use Deadly Force' During 'Dangerous Assignments'
Day after FBI Raids, Trump-Endorsed Candidates Win Big in Primaries
Inflation Rages on as Gas, Food Prices Squeeze Americans
Law-Enforcement Sources and Trump Attorney Say FBI Agents in Mar-a-Lago Raid ‘Trying to Shield What They’re Doing’
US Consumer Price Inflation Slows in July, Real Wages Continue to Tumble
With 87,000 New Agents, Here's Who the IRS May Target for Audits
America's Most Important Question: How Do We Get Rid of the FBI?
Alan Dershowitz Slams Biden Administration for 'The Weaponization of the Justice System'
Serena Williams Announces She’s Retiring from Tennis
Anti-Cop Consequences: Almost 2,000 NYPD Officers to Quit Before Getting Full Pensions 
Top Epidemiologist Says CDC Pushing 'Poor Quality Science' with Latest COVID Vaccine Study
Goldman Sachs Forecasts Gas Prices to Rise Back to $4.35 a Gallon
Elise Stefanik Rips AG Garland Handling of Trump Raid: Biden DOJ 'Targeting His Likely 2024 Opponent'
Former FBI Assistant Director Says ‘Handful in Leadership’ Politicizing Bureau
Anne Heche Dead at 53: How Her Life Fell Apart after Ellen Degeneres Affair
Trump Responds to Nuclear Documents Reports, Says It's Continuation of Russia Hoax
GOP Needs to Get Rid of McConnell, Not Trump
Anne Heche ‘Not Expected to Survive,’ Family Says of Actress Who Crashed Car into LA Home with Narcotics in Her System
Nutjob on the Loose: ABC Guest Suggests Americans Angry Over Trump Raid Are 'Neo-Nazis' Because Merrick Garland Is Jewish
Trump-Backed Candidates Stumble out of Gate, Raising Democrat Hopes for November
FBI Under Attack as Armed Man Tries Breaking Into Bureau Building, Shots Fired
FNC Taps Shannon Bream to Fill Chris Wallace Spot as Anchor of ‘Fox News Sunday’
Trump Attorney: 'If They Needed Any Other Documents, They Could Have Just Asked'
Janet Yellen Vows IRS Audits Won’t Rise for Middle-Income Americans, but There’s a Catch
Polio Vaccine Campaign Underway in London as Virus Spreads through City
Former AG Bill Barr Believes Trump Not the Right Republican Candidate for 2024
Hawley: AG Garland Must Resign after Raid on Trump Home
Trump Suggests FBI May Have Planted Evidence During Mar-a-Lago Raid
Poll: Over 75 Percent of Americans Believe Deep State Has Destroyed Rule of Law
From 'Scranton Joe' to 'Scranton Schmo' to 'Scranton No': Biden Approval Rating Plummets in Home District
America Hater Ilhan Omar Survives Moderate Primary Challenge by Skin of Her Teeth
GOP Leader Message to AG Garland: 'Preserve Your Documents and Clear Your Calendar'
Top GOP Senators Who Still Haven’t Condemned FBI Raid on Trump
Venal FBI Director Wray Wants Social Media Platforms to Assume More “Responsibility” and “Moderate” Content
Steve Bannon Calls FBI ‘The Gestapo’ after Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home
Trump Raid Not about Classified Documents, but All about Jan. 6
Trump-Backed Congressional Candidate Joe Kent Pulls Ahead of Pro-Impeachment RINO Jaime Herrera Beutler in Washington State
In Search of a Crime Goes on: Trump Real Estate Appraiser Cooperates with Letitia James Probe
Republicans Say Democrats Will ‘Pay the Price’ in Midterms for Passing Massive Spending Bill
Cozy: Cheney's Husband Is Partner at Firm Representing Hunter Biden
CPAC: NC Lt. Gov. Calls for Conservatives to Save America from 'Socialist Horde That Is Trying to Drag It down into the Pit of Hell'
White Rage? Gen. Milley Drafted Letter Saying Trump Was 'Doing Irreparable Harm' to US 
Twitter Threatened with Class-Action Lawsuit for Banning Doctor Over COVID-19 Vaccine Post
Liz Cheney Would ‘Find It Very Difficult’ to Support DeSantis Because of Trump Similarities
Public Perception of Economy Lowest Since 2008 as 69% Claim It’s ‘Getting Worse’
Bill Maher Slams "Fat Celebration": ‘You’re Not a Freedom Fighter Because You Keep Eating Donuts’
CPAC: Kari Lake Calls Media 'Evil Bastards,' Disses 'McCain Machine'
Poll: Majority of Americans Regret Taking COVID Vaccine
Jury Orders Alex Jones to Pay $45.2 Million in Punitive Damages to Sandy Hook Parents
Indiana Becomes First State to Approve Near-Total Abortion Ban Post Roe
'Rarest Baseball Card in the World' Shatters Records, Sells for $7.25 Million
Social Security Payments: Millions of SSI Recipients to Get Two Checks Worth Up to $1,652 Next Month