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U.S. Total National Debt


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Jonathan Turley: Manhattan DA’s Potential Case against Trump ‘Legally Pathetic’
Hillary Clinton Was Never Arrested, Quietly Settled Campaign Finance Violation Last Year
Manhattan D.A. Says His Office Will Not Tolerate Threats to Rule of Law after Trump Calls on Supporters to Protest
Trump to Publish Private Letters from Oprah, Other Celebs in New Book Selling for $99
Wokesters Hang Together: Nearly Half of 'Climate Change' Companies in U.S. Banked with Failed SVB
Stalinist America: Trump Announces He ‘Will Be Arrested on Tuesday’
Dumb Dems: Elon Musk predicts Trump will win re-election in 'landslide victory' if arrested
Quinnipiac Poll: Trump Lead Over DeSantis Grows
Putin, 70, Seen Limping as He Makes Surprise Visit to Crimea
International Criminal Court Issues Putin Arrest Warrant Over Child Deportations from Ukraine
Trump YouTube Account Restored after 2 Years; Here's His Last Video
Janet Yellen Admits Community Banks in Middle America Might Not Be Protected like Silicon Valley Bank
More 'Transistory' Inflation on the Way: Federal Reserve Bank Rescue Could Inject $2 Trillion of 'Liquidity'
'Getting Very Close to Joe Biden': Congress Probes Dozen Bank Accounts That Enriched First Family
‘All-Out War’: Biden Budget Would Balloon ATF Funding to Nearly $2 Billion, Up 50% from Obama Admin
Ron DeSantis Launches Alliance with 18 Other States to Fight Biden ESG Agenda
Rep. Chip Roy Formally Endorses DeSantis for President Even Though He Hasn't Announced
Taunting Rupert Murdoch? Tucker Carlson Brands Jan 6 'Second-Biggest Scam in My Lifetime'
James O’Keefe Launches O’Keefe Media Group after Ouster from Project Veritas
Trump Allies Say DeSantis Running Illegal ‘Shadow Campaign’ for President
Banking Crisis Widens as Credit Suisse Shares Plunge on Alarming Annual Report
Treasury to Release Biden Crime Family Suspicious Bank Info to Investigators
Trump Says Pence to Blame for Jan 6 Riot, Sets Sights on Getting ‘Big Problem’ McConnell ‘The Hell Out’
Nigerian-Born Brothers Paid by Jussie Smollett to Stage Fake Hate Crime Speak Out, Call Him 'Crazy Fraudster'
Ron DeSantis Says Ukraine Not a 'Vital' U.S. Interest
Comatose Joe Says Banking System Safe, Hilariously Blames Trump for Silicon Valley Bank Failure
GOP Quietly Subpoenas Bank of America for Hunter Biden Associates' Records
McCarthy Vows to ‘Slowly Roll Out’ Jan. 6 Footage to All News Agencies
Game on for Vivek Ramaswamy as He Takes Swipe at DeSantis for Avoiding Liberal Media: 'Have Some Spine'
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says Failed Silicon Valley Bank Won’t Get Bailout
Tucker Appears on Redacted, Opens Up about Fallout Over Jan 6 Videos: ‘I’m Not Lying - Period’
Home Depot Co-Founder Says Silicon Valley Bank Went 'Woke' Rather Than Focus on Shareholders
How Sweet It Is: Silicon Valley Bank Employees Received Annual Bonuses Hours Before Collapse
Elon Musk Calls for Release of 'QAnon Shaman' after New Jan 6 Footage Emerges
DeSantis Urges Conservatives Never to Surrender to Woke Mob in Fiery Iowa Speech
Journalists Accuse Twitter and Stanford University of Running 'Censorship' and 'Disinformation' Campaign on Vaccines
‘Point of No Return’: Police Leaving NYPD at Record-Breaking Pace
House Dems, GOP Vote Unanimously to Declassify COVID Origins Intel, Send Bill to Biden
Manhattan DA Signals Criminally Charging Trump; Trump Responds
Local Republican Leaders Favor DeSantis Over Trump in New Poll
America Turns a Blind Eye as Zelensky Persecutes Christian Churches Linked to Russia
Biden Pants on Fire as He Denies China-Linked Payments to Family Members Despite Bank Records
US Leading Economic Indicators Tumble for 11th Straight Month, Signal Recession Imminent
Experts Warn Biden Admin War on Household Appliances Will Cause Higher Prices, Dirtier Clothes and Dishes
Defying Science: FDA Authorizes Updated COVID-19 Vaccine for Children as Young as 6 Months Old
Moody's Cuts Outlook on U.S. Banking System to Negative, Citing 'Rapidly Deteriorating Operating Environment'
Biden Economy Roars: Shelter Inflation Hits Record High as Real Wages Drop for 32nd Straight Month
Virtue Signaling Has Consequences: Failed Silicon Valley Bank Touted 'Empathy,' 'Diversity,' 'Transition to a Low-Carbon World'
Justice Department Prosecutors Respond to Tucker Carlson Capitol Riot Footage
Credit Card Companies Back down on Plan to Track Gun Purchases
Silicon Valley Bank Collapses, Marking Second-Largest Bank Failure in US History
House Votes 419-0 to Declassify All Info on Possible Connection between COVID-19 Origins and Chinese Lab
Top Democrat on Jan 6 Committee Admits: We Didn’t Review Any of the Surveillance Video
'Accountability NOW!!!' Twitter Erupts Over Nine More Boxes of Docs Seized from Office of Biden Attorney
“They Lied to US All”: Tucker Exposes January 6 Fraud and Kangaroo-Court Cover-Up
Trump Calls for Immediate Release of J6 Detainees after Tucker Carlson Exposes Democrat, Media Lies
New Emails Show Crooked Dr. Fauci Commissioned Scientific Paper in Feb. 2020 to Disprove Wuhan Lab Leak Theory
Walmart Says It Will Shut down All Stores in Portland Months after CEO Warned of Historic Theft
Probability of Debt Default Up 300 Percent Since Start of Year
Ukraine, One Year Later: Washington and NATO Got It Very Wrong
Vivek Ramaswamy Warns Trump Indictment Would Be ‘National Disaster’
Ya think? CNN Anchor Says Biden Family's $1M in Chinese Cash Doesn't 'Look Good'
Senate Republicans Introduce Bill Codifying Right to Bear Arms Outside Home
GOP Congressman: Border Patrol Chief’s Testimony Shows DHS Secretary ‘Has Been Lying to Us For the Last 2 Years’
Nobody Wants Kamala Harris, but There She Is Anyway
Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud: Hunter Biden Sues Delaware Laptop Repairman for Privacy Violation
Strategic Error? Trump Claims Florida Lives Ruined Under 'Ron Desanctimonious,' Cites Insurance Scam
Reformed BLM Activist Slams San Francisco Reparations as Disgusting
Mike Lindell Says He Borrowed $10 Million to Keep MyPillow Going While Spending Millions to Defend 2020 Election Fraud Claims
Utah Republican Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortion Clinics, Sparing Unborn from Planned Parenthood
House Homeland Security Panel Holds Texas Field Hearing on 'Mayorkas Failure'; Democrats Boycott
Billionaire Carl Icahn Says US System 'Breaking Down'
Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA and Candace Owens’ Blexit Agree to Merge
Creative Dems: SCOTUS Conservative Majority Could Be Taken Away without Expanding Court
Sad: Mike Pence Hits Trump Over ‘Reckless Words’ on Jan 6, Says History Will Hold Him ‘Accountable’
DeSantis to Visit New Hampshire after Iowa, Nevada Stops Spark 2024 Buzz
California City Gets Rid of Homeless Population Problem with Zero-Tolerance Measures
Another Doomsday Date Passes: Greta Thunberg Deletes 2018 Tweet Saying World Will End in 2023 after World Does Not End
Ukraine's Zelenskyy Reportedly Denied Oscar Awards Appearance for Second Year in a Row
Desperate Leftists Say 20-Year-Old Tucker Clip on Bill O’Reilly Proves He’s a Hypocrite
Mexican President Says He’ll Campaign against GOP if It Presses for Military Action against Cartels
Unemployment Increases More Than Expected as More People Look for Work
Arch Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia Agree to Revive Ties, Reopen Embassies in China-Brokered Deal
Credit-Card Debt at All-Time High, Putting Households Near 'Breaking Point'
Kevin McCarthy Rejects Zelensky Invite to Visit Ukraine
Matt Taibbi to Testify Twitter Files Show Americans in Danger of Losing First Amendment Rights
Bret Baier Segment Featuring McConnell Appears to Undercut Own Network on J6 Coverage
New Jan. 6 Footage Shows Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Was Not Killed by Protesters
Rep. Malliotakis Says Dr. Fauci Could Be at Center of 'One of the Biggest Cover-Ups in American History'
NATO Chief Says Ukraine's Bakhmut May Fall in Days as Russia Claims Victory Over Eastern Half of City
Musk Blasts Jan. 6 Committee: Cheney, Kinzinger, and Schiff ‘Withheld Evidence for Partisan Political Reasons’
Soros-Backed George Gascón Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million for Retaliation against Critic
Biden Nutjob 'Disinformation' Czar Nina Jankowicz Subpoenaed to Appear Before Congress
MTG Demands Congress Declare Antifa ‘Domestic Terrorists’ after Firebomb Attack on Atlanta Police Training Center
Manchin on Endorsing Biden in 2024: ‘Let’s See Who’s Involved’
Dems' Worst Nightmare: CPAC Straw Poll Shows Kari Lake as Vice Presidential Favorite
Defiant Trump Easily Wins CPAC ’24 Poll, Vows to ‘Deal with RINOs’
China Puppet Biden Dodges Reporters after Question on COVID Origin: 'Will You Hold China Accountable?'
Trump Reveals Plan for ‘Largest Domestic Deportation Operation in American History’
Walmart Shill Asa Hutchinson Calls for 'More Voices' in Opposition to Trump after Hogan Drops Out