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Nearly 40,000 Army National Guard Soldiers Miss COVID-19 Vaccination Deadline
Guatemalan President: 'Border Czar' Kamala Harris MIA on Migration Crisis
White House Press Corps Demands Biden Administration Lift Restrictions on Press Events
Good Luck: 47.9 Million People Expected to Travel This July 4th
Market's Worst First Half in 50 Years Has All Come down to One Thing
Ben Shapiro: ‘Who Gives a Flying F*** What the Europeans Think’ About SCOTUS Overturning Roe?
Bad Sign for Economy: US Consumer Spending in Q1 2022 Revised Sharply Downward
Megyn Kelly Destroys 'Bombshell’ Jan. 6  Testimony: 'A First-Year Law Student Could Have Driven a Truck through the Holes'
Dr. Ben Carson Defends Clarence Thomas From Attacks By Hillary: For Liberals 'Only Thing Worse Than Satan is a Black Conservative'
USC and UCLA 'Are Planning to Defect to Big Ten in 2024'
GOP Megadonors Turn on Trump after Jan. 6 Hearings, Set Sights on DeSantis, Pence, Other 2024 Hopefuls
Why Tucker's Piece on 'Brazilian Trump' President Bolsonaro so Important to Americans
Biden to Support Ending Filibuster to Protect Abortion Access
Pam Bondi: Cassidy Hutchinson 'Very Upset' She Didn't Get Job with Trump Team in Palm Beach
Trump Rails against Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony: 'The Woman Is Living in Fantasy Land'
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Renews Push to Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange
'Mitch McConnell Is the Dark Lord': Senate GOP Leader Plays Pivotal Role in Ending Roe
Trump-Endorsed Candidates Go Perfect 12-0 in Tuesday Primaries
Pew: 58% Favor, 17% Oppose, Laws Requiring Trans Athletes to Compete on Teams of Their Biological Sex
Virginia Democrat on Fox News Rejects Campaign Help from Creepy Joe, Then Boasts She 'Outperformed' Him
Secret Service Agent and Former White House Official Willing to Testify That False Claims Were Made about Trump at Jan. 6 Hearing
Bad News for Angry Liz: ABC and NBC Debunk Claim Trump Assaulted Secret Service
Policy of Endless Wars Continues: Biden Ramps Up US Military Deployments Across Europe
Reality Setting In: US Officials Doubt Ukraine Can Take Back Territory, White House "Losing Confidence"
George Washington University Shoots down Snowflake Students' Demands to Drop Clarence Thomas Over Dobbs Opinion
Poll: Investigating Jan. 6 is the Least Important Issue to Midterm Voters - Big League Politics
Six Notable Moments from Jan. 6 Hearing Featuring Ex-Trump Aide Hutchinson
Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Case
Macron Buttonholes Biden, Delivers Bad Oil News in Front of International Media
Amid Recruitment Crisis, Defense Dept. Poised to Axe at Least 14,000 Army Guard Troops for Refusing COVID Injections
Amazon Employees Beg Management to Stop Doing Business in Pro-Life States, Make Other Extreme Demands
Jan. 6 Panel Schedules Last-Minute Hearing for June 28, Former Meadows Aide 'Set to Testify'
Optimism Among US Business Leaders Drops to New Low Amid Rising Inflation, Supply Issues, Labor Shortages
Kari Lake Spits Fire at Bret Baier: 'I Thought You Were a Little Better Than CNN'
Biden Getting ‘Irritated’ by Democrats Who Won’t Back Him to Run for Reelection in 2024
Lyin' Liz Warren Says SCOTUS Has No Legitimacy, Calls for Expanding Court
Lame Duck Biden Approval Rating Remains All-Time Low 32 Percent
More Than 1 Million Voters Switched to Republican Party in Last Year
Social Media Study Shows Growing DeSantis Boom Among Swing Voters
Rep. Higgins: Known and Suspected Terrorists Entering US in Unprecedented Numbers
Biden Chooses Ukrainians Over Americans: Drivers Must Pay More for Gas 'As Long as It Takes' to End Russia-Ukraine War
Supreme Court Rules Biden Administration Can End Trump-Era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy
New Poll: Republicans Become More Popular after Roe
Two Illegal Immigrants Who Were Reportedly Caught with Enough Fentanyl to Kill Millions Released in California
More Biden Deaths: at Least 46 Migrants Found Dead Inside 18-Wheeler in San Antonio
Last Year Biden Admin Touted Paltry $0.16 Decline in July 4 Cookout Costs, This Year Average Cost Is Up More Than $10
Pelosi Demonizes ‘Extremist Supreme Court’ as DHS Warns of Terrorism against Judges
Dopey Joe Biden Drains US Strategic Oil Reserve to Lowest Level Since 1986; UAE Warns Not to Expect Any Help from OPEC
Poll: Majority Opposes Expanding Supreme Court Even after Abortion Ruling
Hurry Up, Elon: Twitter Just Fine with Calls to Assassinate Justice Thomas
Second Pfizer Jab Taken Three Weeks after First Increases Myocarditis, Pericarditis Risk Tenfold
Gas Inflation Crisis Far from Over; Where Will Prices Finally Stop?
Another Dem Insurrection: Pro-Abortion Protesters Try to Storm Arizona State Capitol, Lawmakers ‘Held Hostage'
Abortion Clinics Start Closing after Roe v. Wade Ruling
How and Why Melatonin Is an Effective Sepsis Treatment
Kentucky Man Claims Ray Epps Was Worried Fast-Moving January 6 Crowd Might Interfere with 'The Plan'
Thanks to Turncoat Republicans, Senate Passes Gun-Control Bill
Germans Laughed at Trump for Warning about Dependence on Russian Energy; Now They’re in a Gas Crisis
MAGA Triumph? 'Top Gun: Maverick' Sets Sights on $1 Billion Global Box Office Haul
As Midterms Approach, GOP Online Fundraising Platform Announces Nearly $3 Billion Raised in Just Three Years
Making the cut: Younger men seek vasectomies in the wake of Roe v. Wade ruling
GOP Leader Says Bidens Will Be Investigated if Republicans Win Back House in 2022
OPEC to Finally Boost Oil Production Ahead of Biden’s Saudi Arabia Trip
Wells Fargo CEO: Americans Won’t Be Ready for What Fed Has in Store for Them
Supreme Court Delivers Massive Blow to Biden Climate Agenda
Warnock Up 10 Points Over Walker for Georgia Senate Seat, Kemp and Abrams Tied in Gov Race
Biden to Nominate Anti-Abortion Republican Lawyer as Judge in Deal with Mitch McConnell
Biden's America: New York City Woman Pushing Baby in Stroller on Upper East Side Shot Dead
Embarassing: January 6 Committee Member Jaime Raskin Admits Star Witness’ Evidence Is Hearsay, No Corroborating Evidence
Justice Stephen Breyer Retirement Official on Thursday, Final Day of SCOTUS Term
Oil Markets Could Face Doomsday Scenario This Week
Lee Zeldin Wins Republican Nomination for NY Governor
Trump-Backed Boebert Wins Colorado Republican House Primary
NATO Formally Invites Finland, Sweden to Join Alliance
U.S. Military Version of Get Woke, Go Broke: Army Recruiting Craters
Jan. 6 Advocacy Group Founder, Top Attorney: Jan. 6 Defendants Face ‘Despicable’ Conditions
Believe It or Not: Facebook Labels Radical Abortion Group Jane's Revenge 'Terrorists'
Former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Dies; Was in Charge of Security on Jan. 6, Suggested ‘Professional Agitators’ Were to Blame
Horrible Hillary Blasts Clarence Thomas as Angry 'Person of Grievance,' Says 'Women Are Going to Die'
Loopy Liz Warren Demands Abortion Centers Be Placed in National Parks
100,000 Pro-Life People March in Spain to Demand End to Abortion
Life in an Alternate Universe: CNN’s S.E. Cupp Says End of Roe v. Wade and Other ‘Regressive Bulls***’ Will Make It Hard for GOP to Survive
Liberty on a Roll: New York Supreme Court Strikes down Law That Allowed Non-Citizens to Vote
Far-Left District Attorneys Vow to Defy Pro-Life Laws
High School Football Coach Scores Big Win at Supreme Court Over Post-Game Prayer
Sunny Hostin Stuns Fellow Harpies by Admitting She Doesn't Believe in Abortions or 'Any Exception'
Russia Slides into Historic Debt Default as Payment Period Expires
More Than 50% of Americans Oppose Supreme Court Ruling That Overturned Roe v. Wade
Blake Masters Views on Gay Marriage May Surprise His Mentor, Peter Thiel
Brian Kilmeade Says Trump Was 'Unhinged' around Jan 6: 'Convinced He Was Robbed ... but I Have Not Seen Any Evidence'
G-7 Nations to Announce Import Ban on Russian Gold as Moscow Sanctions Widen
Gov. Noem Says Doctors, Not Pregnant Mothers, Should Be Prosecuted Following Supreme Court Abortion Ruling
Bill Maher: Hispanics in TX Telling Dems to Represent Them Rather Than ‘Migrants Showing Up in My Backyard’
Exxon Mobil CEO Cautions against Abrupt Energy Transition, Warning Underinvestment Leads to High Gas Prices
Florida Vows to Enhance Pro-Life Protections after Supreme Court Ruling
Attorney Says Ghislaine Maxwell Put on Suicide Watch without Psychological Evaluation
Barr: if You're Worried about Unequal Justice, Get Joe Biden out of Office
NYC Prosecutors Flee in Droves Amid Soft-on-Crime Policies, Burdensome State Reforms
California AG Cancels "Good Cause" for Concealed Carry
50% Say Kamala Harris Will Become President Before End of Biden Term