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'I’m Here to Educate Him': Enes Kanter Freedom Entends Olive Branch to Uneducated LeBron James
Unbelievable: Record of Waukesha Massacre Suspect's $1,000 Bail Hearing Gone from Records Due to 'Technical Issues'
Creepy Cuomo Smirks as Comments Read Back to Him During AG Probe
Courageous NBA Player Enes Kanter Freedom Proudly Becomes U.S. Citizen, Says Critics of America Should 'Just Keep Their Mouth Shut'
Ignoramus Joy Behar Says 1st, 2nd Amendments Need to Be 'Tweaked a Little Bit' Because Founding Fathers Did Not Have Things like AR-15s, Twitter
World Health Organization Says New COVID Variant Poses ‘Very High’ Global Risk of New Outbreaks
UK Broadcaster Piers Morgan Goes Nuclear, Says Fauci Needs to ‘Put His Ego Away’, ‘Shut the F*** Up’
Waukesha Parade Suspect Dodged Jail in Deadbeat Dad Case Just Five Days Before Deadly Attack
Moderate Republican Dr. Oz Likely to Enter High-Stakes Race for Open PA Senate Seat
Marine Corps Hits Deadline for Active Duty Members to Be Fully Vaxxed; Thousands Still Unvaccinated
Office of Management and Budget Delays Federal Vaccine Enforcement Until New Year
Matt Walsh Announces New Book Tackling Trans Agenda Targeting Children
Uh, Oh: Gov. DeSantis Appoints Pro-Mask Fanatic Dem to County Commission
Far-Left Students Demand 'Racist Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse' Be Expelled from University; Funds from Campus Police Diverted to Them
Justice Department Accuses Bannon Lawyers of Filing 'Frivolous' Legal Complaints to Create Media Hype around Criminal Charges
Jack Dorsey Steps down as Twitter CEO: ‘There Aren’t Many Founders That Choose Their Company Over Their Own Ego’
Disney Bows to Pressure from Communist China, Censors 'Simpsons' Episode Mocking Chinese Censorship in Hong Kong
Ghislaine Maxwell, Accused Longtime Madam of Pedophile Financier Jeffrey Epstein, to Begin Trial
Boston Celtics Center Enes Kanter Set to Become U.S. Citizen, Legally Change Name to Enes Kanter Freedom
New Poll Finds Phony Kamala, Angry Michelle Obama 2024 Voters Top Selections If China Joe Doesn’t Run
Federal Grant Records Show U.S. Dept. of Education Has Awarded Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Fund CRT, Training Future Educators at Colleges
Trump-Endorsed Challenger Seeks to Paint Warmonger Liz Cheney as Swamp Creature, Wyoming Carpetbagger
Disappointing: Right Leaning Newsmax Forces Former Trump Advisor Steve Cortes out of Position for Refusing COVID Jab
Same Old Story: Youngkin Tests Activists' Patience as He Pushes Abortion and Guns Aside
‘More Money Than God': Chinese Titan Lavished Hunter Biden with 3-Carat Gem, Offer of $30 Million
Transportation Department Faces Accusations of Illegal Lobbying Over Meme Promoting Biden Legislation
NBC's Chuck Todd: Biden 'Prematurely Declared Independence from the Virus'
Doctor Who Raised Alarm about New COVID Variant Pumps Brakes on Hysteria, Says Symptoms 'Unusual, but Mild'
Biden Caught Again Not Wearing Mask While in Store with ‘Required Face Covering’ Sign
Father Fauci Would Support 9/11-Style Commission to Study US Response to COVID
School Cancels ISIS Survivor Event Over Fear of Offending Muslims
Levi Strauss Provides ‘Racial Trauma’ Help for Employees Troubled by Rittenhouse Verdict
Leading Arizona Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Nailed in $2.75 Million Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
Trump Says He Wanted to See Biden Succeed at Combating China Virus, Has Been Disappointed
Dr. Fauci Says He 'Would Not Be Surprised' If Omicron COVID Variant Already in U.S.
Belarus Communist Dictator Lukashenko Tells Migrants Gathered at Polish Border They Have a 'Right' to Enter European Union
Dozen States Sign Letter to Pressure Far-Left Ben and Jerry’s Over Anti-Israel Stance
Poll Shows Majority of Registered Voters Blame Biden, Congress for Global Supply Chain, Shipping Issues Impacting U.S.
Progressive Minded Cleveland Guardians to Require COVID Jab for Employees
Experts Warn U.S. Vulnerable to Electromagnetic Attack from Adversaries Such as China, North Korea
Kenosha Police Release Damning Bodycam Footage of MSNBC Freelancer Who Followed Rittenhouse Jury Bus
Trump Calls for National Guard to Be Deployed in Cities Where 'Smash-and-Grab Robberies' Decimating Small Businesses, Forcing Store Closures
Screw the 1st Amendment: Leftist Platform Twitter Implements New Rule so It Can Selectively Ban Memes, Mockery of Democrats
CNN Plans ‘Thorough Review’ after Document Dump Suggests Chris Cuomo Had Larger Role Advising Luv Guv Brother
Gun Boom: FBI Ran 187,585 Background Checks on Black Friday Alone
Minnesota Trucking Company CEO Says Vax Mandate Would Worsen Supply Chain Woes
Fresh Off Winter Wonderland Vacation, Emperor Joe Says 'No New Lockdowns' If Everyone Wears Mask, Gets Vaccinated
Power Move: CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer Business Says Company Poised to Become Largest U.S. Package Delivery Service by Early 2022, Overtake Shipping Rivals UPS and FedEx
Amid Backlash from Donors, Salvation Army Withdraws Guide That Asks White Supporters to Apologize for Their Race
Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Punch Back at Pseudo Dr. Fauci after Infectious Diseases Doctor Claims Criticism against Him Is 'Dangerous'
Peril: Organized Burglars Loot Stores During Black Friday in Dem-Controlled Windy City
Top Economist Warns Conditions Ripe for 1970s-Style ‘Stagflation’
Mob Smash-and-Grabs Continue at High-End Stores in Los Angeles
No Surprise: Red State Florida Leads Lowest Daily COVID Cases Per Capita in U.S.
Study Shows Naturally Immune People at Little Risk of Reinfection, Severe Disease from COVID
Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Being Built Back Better as ‘Woke Theme Park’
Fake News Media Goes into Overdrive to Suppress Japan’s Success Treating COVID with Ivermectin
Pfizer, BioNTech Announce Their COVID Vax Could Be Reworked in 'Approximately 100 Days' to Counter New Variant
'Variant of Concern': WHO Identifies 'Omicron' as New Highly Transmissible COVID Strain
Caving to the Woke Mob: California New Educational Guidelines Claim Math Is Racist
Ghislaine Maxwell Accuser Breaks down in Court, Describes Sexual Abuse She Suffered at Hands of Both Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein when She Was 14 Years Old
Self-Described 'Non-Partisan' News Outlet Bloomberg Politics Torn Apart on Twitter after Suggesting China 'Vindicated' for Approach to Containing COVID after Omicron Variant Discovery
Prosecutor Says Jussie Smollett, Osundairo Brothers Went through ‘Dry Run’ of Hate Crime Hoax
Incompetent Kamala Could Become First Supreme Court Justice to Have Failed Bar Exam
Israeli Immunologist Suggests Omicron Variant Could Be 'Light at the End of the Tunnel'
Texas Gov. Abbott Says South Africa Travel Ban ‘Hypocritical’ as Illegal Immigrants Continue to Stream Across Southern Border
Antifa Thug Gets Slap on Wrist after Vandalizing GOP Senator's Office; FBI Reportedly Returns Axe to Him
Where to Watch Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’ on Streaming
Gov. DeSantis Condemns Left-Wing Media Narrative of Waukesha Massacre, Says Suspect Committed ‘Intentional Act’, Had ‘Anti-White Animus’
'Gross Abuse of Power': Heritage Foundation Suing Biden Admin to Stop COVID Vax Mandate for Private Employers
Pence Says Supreme Court Should 'Overturn Roe V. Wade and Restore the Sanctity of Human Life'
Trump Claims Would-Be Running Mates ‘Begging’ for Spot on 2024 Ticket
Pfizer CEO Confident Pill for COVID Treatment Will Be Effective against Omicron Variant
Black Lives Matter Launches Christmas Campaign against ‘White-Supremacist Capitalism’
‘Glue Me Back Together’: 7 Children Still in Hospital after Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack
Israeli Officials Say Researchers Have Not Found Any Severe COVID Cases Among Vaccinated People Infected with Omicron Variant
No Brotherly Love Here: Philadelphia Breaks Three-Decade Homicide Record Over Weekend
Fearless Joe Rogan Calls out Left-Wing Media Fabrication of Russia Collusion Narrative: ‘No One Is Being Held Accountable’
Criminal Defense Attorneys Say Jussie Smollett Taking Stand Could Be Double-Edged Sword in Alleged Hate Crime Hoax Case
Trump Shreds McConnell Again, Says He Should Step down as GOP Leader
Blue State Ransacking Continues: Groups of Looters Hit Two Best Buy Stores in Minnesota Twin Cities on Black Friday
Meghan McCain Slams Possible 2024 Dem Ticket: ‘Why Can’t the Left Just Be Normal’
Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff Teases Criminal Charges against Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows
Will Supreme Court Overturn Roe V. Wade? Possible Outcomes for Upcoming Abortion Case
Nine of 10 Most Popular Governors Are Republicans; Biden Less Popular Than Least Popular Governor
Black Friday Shopping at Retail Stores Drops 28% from Pre-Pandemic Levels as Shoppers Spread Spending Throughout Season
Democrat Strategists Declare ‘Entire Brand’ Is a ‘Wreck’ after Election Losses
AP Top 25: Michigan Rises to No. 2, Oklahoma State Jumps to No. 5
New Fauci Email Proves He Funded Training for Wuhan's Most Deadly Lab
Key Republican Says Party Must Assure Voters It Will Impeach Garland, Force Overhaul at DOJ
How to Prepare for Big Rent Increase
Shipping Your Holiday Gifts? Tips from a Professional Packer and Shipper
Roger Stone Says FBI Acting like Biden’s ‘Personal Gestapo’
After Nearly Two Years of COVID Precautions, Parents Upset as Schools Force Kids Nationwide to Undergo Mandatory Quarantines
Tucker Carlson Says Biden Unpopularity Attributable to Making Living in U.S. 'Much More Difficult' for Millions
Refund the Police: Year after Defund Police Movement Took Center Stage, Feds Shelling out Millions to Hire More Officers
GOP Source Says Biden Build Back Better Plan Will Result in More Child Trafficking
CDC Says U.S. Has Not yet Found Any Cases of New Omicron COVID Variant
Class Act LeBron James Gets Fined for ‘Obscene Gesture’ against Pacers
Atlanta Fed Bank President Says Business Leaders Tell Him Supply Chain Issues Will Last Until ‘Middle of 2022, Maybe into the Third or the Fourth Quarter.’