Accused TX Airport Shooter Has Long Criminal Record, Told Cops She Was 'God's Prophet'

The woman who allegedly opened fire at Dallas Love Field Airport on Monday has a years-long criminal record that includes arson and robbery, and she once told police that she was “God’s prophet” and claimed she was married to rapper Chris Brown.

Throughout North Texas, Portia Odufuwa, 37, was previously charged with robbery, arson, criminal trespass and false reporting. However, judges often determined she was unfit to stand trial, referred her to mental health services and dismissed her cases, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Last summer, a Dallas County judge ruled that she was not a danger to others.

In April 2021, Odufuwa allegedly used a gun to threaten a hotel front desk clerk. After her arrest, she gave police the address of rapper Chris Brown. A judge eventually deemed her incompetent to stand trial, and she was referred to mental health services. She “did not successfully complete the program” but the false reporting case was still dismissed.