As Midterms Approach, Dumb Dems Gamble on Abortion While GOP Bets on Inflation

From PJ Mediaposted 2 weeks ago

Article Summary

The two parties have settled on their major issues to energize voters ahead of the midterm elections in November. For Democrats, the issue will be all Roe all the time as the left will look to energize their radical base and move them to the polls.

Meanwhile, Republicans will downplay the controversy over Roe v. Wade and hammer the cost of living as inflation continues to occupy the nation’s attention.

Both parties have chosen the correct strategy. The midterm elections are all about turning out your own voters. Democrats will gin up hysteria about a “loss” of abortion rights in order to drive their supporters to the polls. It’s a high-risk strategy, but with the president’s approval ratings underwater, it makes the most sense.

Abortion is the hill to die on for some on the left. For them, the issue will be vital in the midterm election.

But most voters from both parties care a lot more about having a secure job and the ability to afford to live decently. In this sense, Democrats will be successful in driving their most committed voters to the polls while Republicans should be able to sweep up the rest.

It’s no mystery who wins in that contest.

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