Dr. Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood Founder Was a Eugenicist Who Wanted to Limit the Numbers of Black and Hispanic People

From CNS Newsposted 2 weeks ago

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The nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was started by Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist who wanted to limit the number of blacks and Hispanics, which is why “the clinics are predominantly found in minority communities,” Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“There is so much going on in our society today that people try to relate back to race. Some of it has to do with race, and some of it doesn’t, but there are a lot of people who are trying to divide us, divide us on the basis of race, income, age, religion, gender, you name it – divide and conquer,” he said.

“We go back through the history of race in America, not starting at even 1619 but going back into the 1500s and bringing it all the way up to today and looking at those relationships and understanding it is complex but that we as a nation have made enormous progress on race. Just in my lifetime things have changed dramatically. For those who say it isn’t any different, that we haven’t made progress, it is very, very disingenuous,” the former HUD secretary said.

“Now, looking at this abortion issue that’s going on, a lot of people don’t realize that Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger who was a eugenicist. She wanted to limit the numbers of black people and Hispanic people. That’s why the clinics are predominantly found in minority communities,” Carson said.

“It’s really disgusting, and it goes to our history, and why is history so important? Because history gives you your identity, and your identity gives you your beliefs. If you do not have appropriate beliefs you’re easily swayed. You’ll notice when ISIS goes into a place and conquers it, what do they do? They get rid of the history,” he said.

“We have the same people trying to distort and get rid of our history, and we need to understand those things so that we don’t repeat the bad things. You would have thought we learned all those lessons by World War II, but look what is going on right now, today in Europe. It’s horrible,” Carson said.

On the issue of minority support for the GOP, Carson said, he’s seen “a significant increase in the amount of minority support.”

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