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Failing CNN Seeks 'New Revenue', Including 'Extending' Brand to China

CNN’s ratings keeps getting worse and worse.

According to a report from Mediaite two months ago, Fox News brought in nearly five times the number of viewers compared to CNN, averaging 2.57 million viewers across prime time and 517,000 respectfully.

MSNBC was more popular than CNN too according to the report, with the network’s average of 1.18 million total prime time viewers – which is more than double.

One of the many reasons for Fox’s success has been its ability to succeed in various other marketplaces.

Now CNN has been forced to look for additional revenue elsewhere too. Especially after its disastrous flop of CNN+, the network’s exclusive (and very over-hyped) streaming service that was only able to garner around 10,000 daily users.

Profits have reportedly slumped below nearly $1 billion at CNN in addition to plummeting ratings, so one of the new revenue streams the network is looking at is the China market.