"Global Gloom": World Markets Plunge to Start Week as Global Currency Crash Hits Max Pain and Beyond

“Global Gloom”: World Markets Plunge To Start The Week As Global Currency Crash Hits Max Pain And Beyond

The rout that hammered stocks on Friday, nearly pushing them to close at a new 2022 low, resumed overnight when the global FX crisis returned with a bang, and a flash crash in the British pound which as noted late last night, plummeted 500pips in thin trading, to fresh record lows following Friday’s shocking mini-budget announcement which confirmed the UK has no idea what it is doing and will cut rates and issue more debt just as the BOE is desperately trying to tighten financial conditions.

The plunge in cable was however just one symptom of a bigger malaise, namely the relentless surge in the dollar which overnight hit fresh record highs as the BBDXY rose as high as 1,355 before briefly fading the surge