NY Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin’s Law and Order Blueprint: 'I’m Gonna Fire DA Bragg on Day 1'

As the largest police force in the country, the 50,000 selfless men and women who comprise the NYPD’s ranks have become synonymous with the bravery and honor we expect from officers across the United States. Whether in our city’s darkest moments or its best, their service has never wavered. They have always been there for us.

This year has been a record one for the NYPD, but this isn’t a record worth celebrating. The over 1,500 resignations and retirements from the force to date, marks a 38% increase from last year and the largest annual exodus ever for the force.

And who can blame them? These brave men and women wake up every day to fulfill their oath to protect and serve, without the guarantee of making it home at night, only to be thrown under the bus by the elected officials who are sworn to represent them.