Martha’s Vineyard Residents Cheer as Illegal Immigrants Shipped Out: ‘They Enriched US’

Residents of the elite summer vacation spot Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts could be seen cheering as illegal immigrants were bussed off of their island to military housing on Cape Cod. This after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in an effort to highlight the issue of border states and towns being overrun by border crossers, sent 50 illegal immigrants to Massachusetts. Residents begged for help.

“The year round community is very strong because you are kind of isolated here—whether it’s the ferry or the bad weather, you’re stuck here,” Sean O’Sullivan, a volunteer with the Harbor Homes nonprofit said. “We’re used to helping each other. We’re used to dealing with people in need and we’re super happy—like they enriched us, we’re happy to help them on their journey.”