Rand Paul Warns Fauci in Epic Clash Over Big Pharma Royalties: 'When We Get in Charge', the Rules Change

Republicans grilled the President’s chief medical advisor Wednesday during Senate testimony, claiming conflicts of interest and “flawed science” have led to erroneous COVID-19 vaccination guidelines.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Dr. Antony Fauci came to verbal blows, once again, as Paul questioned the doctor’s evolving view on immunology and whether anyone with the FDA had financial conflicts of interest that may have influenced vaccination guidelines.

“When people decry vaccine hesitancy, it’s coming from the gobbledygook that you give us. You’re not paying attention to the science,” Paul said, referring to the many instances Fauci testified that previous flu infection is the best way to fight future infection.

“The very basic science is that previous infection provides a level of immunity. If you ignore that in your studies, if you don’t present that in your committees, you’re not being truthful. Do any of the guidelines include previous infection?”

A flabbergasted Fauci said he “never, ever denied fundamental immunology. In fact, I wrote the chapter in the Textbook of Medicine on fundamental immunology.”

Making the lack of reference to previous infection in Center for Disease Control guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination even more telling, according to Paul.