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Severe Economic Desperation Rises All Over America as Nearly Half the Nation Cuts Back Spending on Food

It is starting to look a lot like 2008.  Extremely long lines are forming at food banks all over the country, job losses and layoffs are starting to spike, countless small businesses are right on the brink of going under, a housing crash that could be even worse than what we witnessed in 2008 has begun, and large numbers of Americans are actually moving into sheds in a desperate attempt to save money.

This new economic downturn is still only in the very early stages, and yet the economic suffering that we are already seeing all over the country is truly frightening.  If people are struggling this much now, what will conditions be like six months down the road?

If you find yourself cutting back spending on groceries and gasoline these days, you are definitely not alone.

According to a Suffolk University/USA TODAY survey that was just released, about half the nation is in the same boat…

According to the survey, 45.3 percent of Americans have had to cut back their spending on groceries, and 59.4 percent said they are now going out to eat less often as the result of inflation.

Another 48 percent said they are driving less, and 45.4 percent said they are postponing or canceling vacations/travel plans due to rising costs.

Inflation is absolutely eviscerating our standard of living, and millions upon millions of Americans are deeply hurting right now.