Shocking Number of House Republicans Vote for Massive 'America Last' Spending Package

From TownHallposted 2 weeks ago

Article Summary

The House overwhelmingly supported sending $40 billion in aid to Ukraine on Tuesday, 368-57, prompting a harsh reaction from critics given the multiple crises that are going unaddressed at home.

Particularly, conservatives took issue with the 149 Republicans who joined every single Democrat in passing the bill while inflation continues to soar, the border crisis is ongoing, and our nation’s most vulnerable population—infants—can’t get the food they need.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hailed the passage of the massive aid package.

“Building on robust support already secured by Congress, this package will help Ukraine defend not only its nation but democracy for the world,” she said. “As Putin desperately accelerates his brutality in Ukraine, time is of the essence. This urgent package includes military aid, support for the Ukrainian economy, and humanitarian assistance for food security to address the worldwide hunger crisis stemming from Putin’s invasion.


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