The ‘Great Resignation’ Has Changed the Workplace Forever: 'We’re Not Going Back,’ Says Expert Who Coined Term

From CNBCposted 2 weeks ago

Article Summary

There’s no turning back from the workplace changes brought about by the “Great Resignation,” according to the expert who coined the term.

Organizational psychologist Anthony Klotz predicted in May 2021 that the Covid-19 pandemic would lead to pent-up resignations. Since that time, millions of Americans have quit their jobs. A record 4.5 million walked away in March alone.

The initial surge was due to the backlog of resignations since workers weren’t quitting during the height of the pandemic, he explained. They were also burned out, unhappy and reevaluating their lives.

Many employers have adapted to meet workers’ needs, albeit it slowly in some cases. They are now addressing employee wellness, including mental and financial health, and are offering remote work opportunities.

“The pandemic brought the future of work into the present of work,” said Klotz, a management professor at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School.


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