Trump's Surprise Breakthrough with Hispanic Voters Could Spell Doom for Democrats

Joe Biden won 65% of the Hispanic vote in the last presidential election. He campaigned on defending the working class and fixing the U.S. immigration system. Two years into his presidency, he has so far failed to do so, and Hispanic voters are increasingly deserting the Democratic Party.

With the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, this Washington Examiner series, Taken For Granted, will look at how Biden and Democratic Party policies are failing to connect with the Latino electorate, how Donald Trump and Republicans have benefited, and how it could swing the November midterm elections.

Former President Donald Trump was supposed to be the death knell for the Republican Party and the Hispanic vote, helping to usher in the “emerging Democratic majority” forecasters had projected for decades.

Instead, Trump made modest inroads with Hispanics himself and may have presided over the demographic shifting from a reliably Democratic voting bloc to more of a swing vote.

If those trends hold through this year’s midterm elections, it could have lasting implications for the competitiveness of future races.